ABOUT the British backpacker society

The British Backpacker Society promotes and enables adventure travel in frontier tourism markets. Through tourism policy consulting, public lectures and travel media, the British Backpacker Society aims to bring the developmental benefits of responsible travel to countries with untapped tourism potential. 

The British Backpacker Society has advised developing-world governments on strategic tourism issues, ranging from visa policy to brand positioning. It has been featured on CNN, the BBC and Lonely Planet, and has produced unique travel documentaries selected for international film festivals. The British Backpacker Society has also lectured on travel trends at embassies and universities around the world, including both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

The British Backpacker Society was founded in 2009 by an international lawyer, a corporate strategy manager and a documentary film-maker, each from the United Kingdom. Today, the Society's membership spans travellers from every corner of the globe, who, together, have visited every UN-recognised country on earth. The Society welcomes new members with extensive travel experience, an in-depth understanding of contemporary tourism trends, and a passion for international development.


what can the British Backpacker Society do for you? 

Tourism policy consulting 

The British Backpacker Society offers consulting services to policymakers in emerging tourism markets. With travel experience from every UN-recognised country on earth, the British Backpacker Society offers a valuable comparative perspective on tourism issues, ranging from ecotourism investment to visa strategy. Moreover, with members benefiting from careers in market-leading professional-services firms, the British Backpacker Society uniquely offers top-tier tourism consulting services from the perspective of some of the world's most experienced travellers. 

Public lectures

The British Backpacker Society lectures on tourism, travel and emerging market investment. Previously, the British Backpacker Society has delivered lectures to policymakers, tourism professionals and business students at venues around the world, including government ministries, embassies, and universities. 

Media comment

The British Backpacker Society is available for media comment in respect of all tourism and travel matters. Previously, commentary from the British Backpacker Society on tourism and travel has been featured in publications in over 20 countries, including CNN, the BBC and Gulf News. On social media, the British Backpacker Society has over 20,000 followers from 40+ countries.


The British Backpacker Society produces feature-length travel films on regions long-avoided by traditional documentary film-makers. These films, which have been selected for a number of international film festivals, have focused on backpacking regions ranging from Iraq to Somalia.



The British Backpacker Society produces light-hearted travel documentaries about regions of the world bereft of travelers. The British Backpacker Society has released one critically-acclaimed travel documentary, and has filmed and written two further documentaries each scheduled for release in 2019.

The British Backpacker Society: Across the Sahara
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The British Backpacker Society: Across the Sahara

When their package holiday to the Costa Del Sol proves to be a washout, the British Backpacker Society discovers that sunnier weather may lie further south. Therefore, abandoning the nightclubs and sun-loungers of Marbella, the team jump aboard a ferry to Morocco and soon find that a real “Coast of Sun” lies on the Atlantic seaboard of northwest Africa. The British Backpacker Society uses any means necessary – ranging from the top of a speeding freight train to a mine-field crossing taxi – to cross the world’s largest sand-desert and follow this shoreline to Senegal.


Awards: Official Selection of the Adventure Travel Film Festival 2018

Watch Now: Amazon and Vimeo

The British Backpacker Society: The Age of Fear
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The British Backpacker Society: The Age of Fear

Upon receiving a call from a British Backpacker Society member who has grabbed a cheap holiday to a geopolitical trouble-spot, two friends attempt a daring rescue mission to get him out alive. When the rescue operation finds that beer, beaches and bikinis pose far more of a risk to the average visitor than the machine-gun fire suggested by the media, the team wonder whether any other places on the wrong-end of headlines could offer so much to travelers. After a few beers, the British Backpacker Society decides to undertake a trailblazing overland adventure to the Middle East to find-out the truth about destinations haunted by prejudice and paranoia.

Release date: Q2 2019

Ark of Cov Title B (0-00-10-00).jpg

The British Backpacker Society: The Ark of the Covenant

In search of a real adventure in the era of package tourism, the British Backpacker Society head to northern Ethiopia to locate the legendary Ark of the Covenant. When even this fabled treasure proves remarkably easy to find, the team consults a map to see if anywhere nearby could offer the adventure that they are looking for. An overland journey to northern Somalia – via the world’s hottest place and the summit of an active volcano – soon proves that the spirit of adventure is not quite dead yet…

Release date: Q4 2019



The British Backpacker Society’s membership is diverse, open-minded and international, with members hailing from every corner of the world. British Backpacker Society members are united by a cosmopolitan outlook, a passion for travel and a desire to make the world a better place.

Amongst other privileges, members are eligible for selection for British Backpacker Society expeditions, tourism consultancy projects and public lectures. Additionally, members are granted a voting right in respect of the British Backpacker Society’s adventure travel rankings.


Membership of the British Backpacker Society is free to join, but is issued solely on the basis of merit. As a guideline, the British Backpacker Society expects that members have travelled to at least 65 countries worldwide, in addition to possessing (i) an in-depth understanding of contemporary tourism trends, (ii) a passion for international development, and (iii) exceptional public speaking skills. All membership applications should outline relevant experience, and should be submitted via the contact form below.